Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

Being considered the one of the leading firms in the education industry, at Aveyl, our team has superior knowledge and experience in performing agreed upon procedures for the Florida Tax Credit (income based scholarships) and Gardiner Scholarships (special needs scholarships), such as Step Up for Students.  Our firm understands that such scholarships allow your school to be a part of a larger effort to ensure every child has an opportunity to receive a high-quality education. This is why we take the utmost pride in efficiently completing and submitting the accountability reports in a timely fashion in order for your school to remain compliant with the eligibility and funding requirements.

The Florida Tax Credit and Gardiner Scholarship programs have an eligibility requirement stating that if a participating school in Florida is receiving more than $250,000 in scholarship funds, the program requires the school to submit an Agreed-Upon Procedures accountability report from an independent accountant.

Our team is highly experienced in reporting for each scholarship program, as we individually have experience in submitting accountability reports for over 30 schools located from Miami Dade to Hillsborough County. As a firm, Aveyl takes pride in not only providing efficiency and quality to your reports, but also providing the services at an affordable price!