Agreed Upon Procedures

Some of your business transactions may necessitate involvement of a certified accounting professional, but you don’t necessarily need a certified financial audit, review or compilation. For these circumstances, Aveyl can perform “agreed-upon procedures” for your organization in accordance with standards issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA.) Because the scope of services is more focused than a full audit, review, or compilation of your financial statements, work is performed only in required areas, saving time and lowering costs.

Common areas where agreed upon procedures are frequently used:

  • Due diligence procedures during an acquisition or sale of a business
  • Grant compliance – typically as requested by a third-party grantor
  • Additional comfort over balances or transactions
  • Bank collateral verification
  • Financial forecasts or projections
  • Cost certifications
  • Inventory counts outside the scope of a financial statement